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Ningbo Hongding Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is China Medical Consumables Supplies manufacturers and Medical Consumables Supplies factory, offers wholesale Medical Consumables Supplies for sale online at factory price. The products we produce and sell are mainly used in hospitals, colleges and universities, scientific research units, laboratories and other medical and R&D institutions, laboratories and other medical biochemical units. Advanced production equipment, high-quality product quality, and perfect after-sales service provide solid quality assurance for our products.


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What is the difference between disposable and medical consumables supplies ?
"Disposable" refers to something that is meant to be used only once and then discarded, while "consumable" refers to something that is used up or depleted through use, regardless of its intended or original purpose. So, all disposable items are consumable, but not all consumable items are disposable.
What is the difference between medical consumables supplies and medical equipment?
Medical consumables supplies and medical equipment are often used interchangeably, but they have different connotations.
Medical supplies are considered to be smaller, more consumable items used in healthcare settings, such as bandages, gauze, and syringes. These items are typically used up or replaced frequently and are necessary for the day-to-day functioning of healthcare providers.
Medical equipment, on the other hand, refers to larger, more durable items used in healthcare settings, such as X-ray machines, hospital beds, and ventilators. These items are typically more expensive and have a longer lifespan, and they are used to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients.
In general, the distinction between medical consumables supplies and medical equipment is not always clear-cut, and some items may be classified as either depending on the context.
Classification of medical consumables supplies
1. Infection control supplies: items used to prevent the spread of infection, such as gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers.
2. Single-use items: supplies that are intended for one-time use, such as syringes, gowns, and surgical instruments.
3. Sterilization supplies: items used to sterilize equipment and surfaces, such as sterilization pouches, autoclave tapes, and disinfectants.
4. Wound care supplies: items used for the management of wounds, such as dressings, gauze, and bandages.
5. Diagnostic supplies: items used for diagnostic purposes, such as test strips, blood collection tubes, and diagnostic imaging film.
6. IV and infusion supplies: items used for intravenous administration of medication, such as IV catheters, IV sets, and infusion pumps.
7. Respiratory therapy supplies: items used for respiratory support and treatment, such as oxygen masks, nebulizer kits, and breathing circuits.
8. Surgical supplies: items used in surgical procedures, such as sutures, scalpels, and gloves.