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Ningbo Hongding Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is China Antigen consumables manufacturers and Antigen consumables factory, offers wholesale Antigen consumables for sale online at factory price. The products we produce and sell are mainly used in hospitals, colleges and universities, scientific research units, laboratories and other medical and R&D institutions, laboratories and other medical biochemical units. Advanced production equipment, high-quality product quality, and perfect after-sales service provide solid quality assurance for our products.


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Antigen consumables Industry Knowledge Extension

The role of the sample collection tube
Sample collection tubes are an important component in laboratory testing and analysis as they are used as containers for collecting, storing, and transporting various types of samples such as blood, urine, saliva, and other bodily fluids. It is also a medical consumable of antigen consumables . Some key features of sample collection tubes include:
1. Maintain sample integrity: Sample collection tubes are designed to maintain the integrity of collected samples by preventing sample contamination and degradation. This is important to ensure accurate results from lab tests.
2. Additive Compatibility: Some sample collection tubes contain special additives designed to stabilize the sample, prevent solidification, or preserve the sample for a long time.
3. Properly Labeled: Sample collection tubes must be properly labeled with the patient's name, date of collection, and any other pertinent information to ensure proper identification and tracking of samples.
4. Transportability: Sample collection tubes must be tightly sealed to prevent leakage during transport to the laboratory.
5. Compatibility with testing equipment: The sample collection tube must be compatible with the testing equipment used in the laboratory to ensure accurate results.

The scope of application of medicinal droppers
Medicinal dropper bottles are versatile containers commonly used in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and laboratory industries. Their small size, portability, and precise dispensing of liquids make them ideal for a variety of applications. Some of the most common uses for dropper bottles include:
1. Healthcare Industry: Medicinal dropper bottles are commonly used for the dispensing of liquid medicines, supplements, and vitamins. They are also used in eye and ear drops, nasal sprays, and other topical solutions. It is also a type of antigen consumable during the epidemic.
2. Laboratory and Research: Drug dropper bottles are used in laboratories to dispense small amounts of chemicals and reagents. They can also be used to process biological samples such as DNA, RNA, and protein solutions.
3. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Medicinal dropper bottles are ideal for storing and dispensing cosmetics such as essential oils, perfumes, and hair conditioners.
4. Food and Beverage Industry: Pharmaceutical dropper bottles for flavoring extracts, food colorings, and other additives. They can also be used to dispense small amounts of liquid sweeteners such as stevia or other artificial sweeteners.
5. Crafts: Medicinal dropper bottles can be used to dispense small amounts of paints, dyes, and other crafting materials.

The design concept of the saliva collector
The saliva collector is designed to provide a simple, non-invasive, and efficient method of collecting saliva samples for various applications such as medical research, disease diagnosis, and drug testing. Key design considerations for saliva collectors include:
1. Ease of use: Saliva collectors should be easy to use, even for people with limited experience or mobility. It should fit easily in your mouth and not cause discomfort or irritation.
2. Non-invasive: The saliva collector should be non-invasive, meaning it does not require the use of needles or other invasive methods. This reduces the risk of injury or infection and makes the collection process more comfortable for the user. Generally, it can also be regarded as a type of antigen consumable .
3. Sample Quality: Saliva collectors should be designed to collect high-quality samples representative of individual saliva. This means that the design should prevent contamination of the sample and minimize loss of saliva during collection.
4. Compatibility with downstream analysis: Saliva collectors should be designed to be compatible with downstream analytical techniques, such as DNA analysis or enzyme assays. This includes considerations such as the material used in the collector and the volume and consistency of the collected sample.
5. Portability: The saliva collector should be small and portable for easy transport and storage. This is especially important for field applications or remote locations where access to traditional laboratory equipment may be limited.